Oracle Learning Streams

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Five years ago the only training that we could get was the in-person, classroom kind. The only options were whether you went to a partner or Oracle University, and whether travelled to the trainer’s venue or they came to your office. This type of training had some drawbacks, in that you had to commit to a specific week or set of days – often a long time in advance – and you had to take the training all in one go. In the fast-changing world of project work it was often the case that the training couldn’t be organised at short enough notice, or by the time it came around it was no longer convenient to take the time away from the office.

There is now a solution to this … enter Oracle Learning Streams … Read the rest of this entry »


Becoming a Fusion HCM Implementation Specialist

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In my quest to become a rounded out and properly qualified Fusion / HCM Cloud consultant, I’ve been working my way through the certification exams. So far I’d completed these 7:

The final exam to check off was the Implementation Specialist exam. This was a little different to the others in that it is proctored, i.e. you have to book in to go to a testing centre and all the travel etc that entails.

The exam itself is tougher than the others, and if you fail there is a period of time before you can retake it. Therefore it made sense to make sure that I nailed it first time.

Handily, I’d just come off of the Fusion HCM workshop for partners which gave me a good grounding in the topics and all it took was a couple more nights of study using the materials from the workshop and some sample questions (there’s a 10 question study guide available from Oracle here).

I was very pleased to pass the exam, but it was close as there were some fairly niche questions. The ones that caught me were mostly about security, and not security within the application – which I knew pretty well – but with APM (Authorization Policy Manager) which I was less familiar with) and I had four questions on which business sub-processes are within each product family.

Of course, the questions given are most likely selected from a large bank so others taking the exam may see other questions instead.

Becoming a Fusion HCM Reporting Specialist

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At first reading, the wealth of reporting options available to Fusion customers is a little confusing. How do you know your OBI EE from your OTBI and your BIP from your OBIA? Hopefully this post will clear it up a little. Read the rest of this entry »

Becoming a Fusion HCM Security Specialist

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Next up in the ‘hit list’ of topics on the way to specialisation is the Security Specialist. Fusion Security was designed with Role Based Access Control (RBAC) at its heart, allowing separation of duties for Sarbanes Oxley compliance easier to achieve, so that should make it easier to pick up, given my history of PeopleSoft. Let’s dive in … Read the rest of this entry »

Becoming a Fusion Data Specialist

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Next up in the ‘hit list’ of topics on the way to specialisation is the Data Specialist. (I’ve been temporarily scared off by the amount of course content for the Sales and Presales specialisms!) This covers getting data in and out of Fusion.

Inbound Data

As you would expect with a fully-featured system like Fusion, there are an array of options. Read the rest of this entry »

Becoming a Fusion UX Specialist

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Following the previous post discussing the changes in the requirements for the Fusion specialisation program, I thought I’d start attacking the list of exams required.

The one that looked the most interesting – to me – was the new UX (User Experience) exam. I’ve always had a soft spot for good design and I’d loved the revamped look and feel in Fusion release 8. I also liked the fact that the Oracle UX team had released their Design Patterns to the general public. I’ve worked at a couple of clients which had internal ‘best practice’ guides and I’d often talked with colleagues about creating a community ‘development standards’ wiki for PeopleSoft, but this was the first time that I’d seen one from a vendor. It’s refreshing that Oracle is being open and contributing to the community.

The course contains online learning materials from Oracle’s UX luminaries like Mischa Vaughan, Ultan O Broin and Tim Dubois. Some of the content is still specific to R7 but even this functionality is surprisingly good. Oracle have a separate division of UX experts and the material shows that a lot of thought and effort has gone into the UX of Fusion.

Much emphasis is placed on key UX principals such as: Read the rest of this entry »

Changes in the Fusion HCM Cloud Service specialization

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Oracle have recently updated the requirements for the Fusion HCM Cloud Service Specialization program. Previously, there was a set of exams that partners had to get employees through and a client reference to attain. Now the specialisation is a lot more involved:

Previously the requirements were:

1x Fusion HCM 11g Sales Specialist
1x Fusion HCM 11g PreSales Specialist
1x General Product Support Assessment (v3.0)

plus 1 pass in either:
Fusion HCM 11g Human Resources Implementation Specialist, or 
Fusion HCM 11g Talent Management Implementation Specialist

A total of four exams – plus the reference – would have been enough. For companies already specialised on this program – and Succeed is one of these – this only lasts until October.

The program has now changed …
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