Temporarily Making Users Read Only

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I was asked a question earlier today on something I’ve dealt with a couple of times previously, and that was “how do we temporarily make a set of Oracle HCM Cloud user accounts read-only?” There are a number of use cases for this, typically around periods of reconciliation – the last thing you want when you’re trying to reconcile data (either migrated data, or during PPR) is people in the system making alterations.

Creating new roles with read-only attributes is a massive undertaking, so thankfully there’s a much easier way. Several other bloggers have written about the Administrator Profile Value FND_READ_ONLY_MODE before as it has been in the product for a long time. It works great, in that you set it to enabled for a user account and when that user next logs in they still have access to the same pages and sets of data that their existing roles allow, but they cannot make updates.

The extra piece I want to add is that you don’t have to add these profile values one at a time – particularly useful if you have a lot of accounts to make read-only, or if it’s part of cutover (pre-live smoke test users, perhaps) and needs to be a proven and automated process.

Profile Values can be bulk-loaded using File Import and Export. Simply create a text file using the following format:


Save it with a .txt extension, upload it using Tools > File Import and Export, make a note of the filename, then go back into Manage Administrator Profile Values and import the values using the same filename.