Arcade – Something interesting?

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Those who know me will be aware I’m always on the look out for new and innovative ways to make life better/easier and I stumbled on a potentially interesting tool the other day called Arcade.

It first caught my eye when this tweet appeared on my timeline:

Yes – you are seeing that correctly – it’s not a static image or video, it’s a tweet with a clickable demo embedded!

This would be a great way to share enhancements and cool new Oracle Cloud functionality on Social Media.

It was then I noticed that one of the people behind Arcade is Rich Manalang. Those with an Oracle background might well recognise that name – Rich was at Oracle (and PeopleSoft before acquisition) for a long time earlier in his career. I can remember him sharing info on Enterprise Portal, using GreaseMonkey to improve PeopleSoft and the Oracle AppsLab back in the day.

Anyway – reminiscing aside – this is the Arcade website where you can see more about what the product can do. I’m excited about the possibilities for embedding clickable content into webpages and other media.