Joining Namos

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This month I’ve started my new role at Namos Solutions. Most of the people who read this will know who Namos are as they’ll also be in the Oracle Cloud ecosystem and will be familiar with the trail that Namos are blazing.

Quite a few people have checked in, curious on my reasons for moving on from my previous role. It wasn’t an easy decision – as I had a good job with a great team of lovely people – however what swung my decision towards Namos were these two factors:

‘The’ Place to Work

Every now and then there’s a company that’s seen in the marketplace as The place to work. They have the best people, they’re winning a tonne of work, they’re picking up great talent, and they have a great reputation in the marketplace – both with customers and Oracle themselves. I interviewed with Certus in 2014 as back then they were the company everyone was talking about. Currently, and for the last year or two, Namos are the hottest ticket in town and I wanted to be part of the ride.

Authenticity and Trust

As part of the interview process I spoke to Jerry (COO) and Chris (CEO), plus I garnered opinions from a few friends I knew who worked there. My friends were all positive, however it was the responses from Jerry and Chris which really swung it. Normally during interviews you only get to ask a handful of questions back to the interviewer, but I peppered them with questions from every angle trying to find the reality of life at Namos. I dug around areas such as the role (breakdown of tasks, personal billing targets, KPIs for success, burning issues), company structure (mostly around the size/shape of the HCM team, the streams and the leads), the people (headcounts, turnover rates and reasons, recruitment processes, grades/career paths/performance reviews/1-to-1s), the culture (values, mission, team collaboration, recognition, knowledge sharing, certification and training), delivery (methodology, projects, deliverables, implementation to MS win rates) and sales (pipeline, bid process, estimation, collateral library).

They answered openly, patiently and honestly; I was really impressed, both with what I heard and the authenticity of the responses – they didn’t want to mislead me by giving a false impression, but what they described was a well setup and run operation.

I’m less than a fortnight into the role, but if anyone would like to hear more about life at Namos and the opportunities on offer, please do get in touch.