Oracle Learning Streams

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Five years ago the only training that we could get was the in-person, classroom kind. The only options were whether you went to a partner or Oracle University, and whether travelled to the trainer’s venue or they came to your office. This type of training had some drawbacks, in that you had to commit to a specific week or set of days – often a long time in advance – and you had to take the training all in one go. In the fast-changing world of project work it was often the case that the training couldn’t be organised at short enough notice, or by the time it came around it was no longer convenient to take the time away from the office.

There is now a solution to this … enter Oracle Learning Streams …

Oracle Learning Streams is web-based training on-demand. You can consume the training at short notice, and at a date and time that suits you. You can take it piecemeal in bite-sized chunks if that suits you better too. All that is needed is an internet connected PC/tablet and a subscription to the Learning Streams service.

This is a screenshot from the HCM category (when you subscribe you select a particular stream) and there is a good mix of Fusion and Taleo content:

oracle learning streams

In addition to the web video content you also get allocated office hours so you can pose questions to the Oracle instructors. A 12 month subscription costs $1,000, however if you pass a proctored specialisation exam you currently get 3 months access for free.