Introducing OTBI-E

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Today I was lucky enough to attend a pre-release workshop for OTBI-E (Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence for the Enterprise). The product is currently in controlled release but is going to be generally available very soon.

What is OTBI-E?

OTBI-E fills the gap between OTBI Standard (which is more operational in nature, reporting against the transactional database and for line managers to perform real-time BI) and the full OBIA (which is a fully-fledged data warehouse solution, delivered on-premises).

OTBI-E takes most of the power from the OBIA data warehouse solution and brings it to the cloud, allowing you to perform complex, strategic BI against your HCM and Talent Cloud apps, plus 3rd party apps (PeopleSoft, EBS, Siebel) and other external sources (i.e. public data). As it’s a DW solution you get full access to historical data to perform trend and predictive analysis (something which is apparently quite weak in some competing products).

Show me OTBI-E

There’s a video available here:

Which BI Solution is right for me?

The answer to this depends upon a number of factors, however here’s a quick decision tree to show some of the factors involved:

Decision Tree for Oracle HCM Cloud BI Solutions 1.0

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