Becoming a Fusion HCM Implementation Specialist

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In my quest to become a rounded out and properly qualified Fusion / HCM Cloud consultant, I’ve been working my way through the certification exams. So far I’d completed these 7:

The final exam to check off was the Implementation Specialist exam. This was a little different to the others in that it is proctored, i.e. you have to book in to go to a testing centre and all the travel etc that entails.

The exam itself is tougher than the others, and if you fail there is a period of time before you can retake it. Therefore it made sense to make sure that I nailed it first time.

Handily, I’d just come off of the Fusion HCM workshop for partners which gave me a good grounding in the topics and all it took was a couple more nights of study using the materials from the workshop and some sample questions (there’s a 10 question study guide available from Oracle here).

I was very pleased to pass the exam, but it was close as there were some fairly niche questions. The ones that caught me were mostly about security, and not security within the application – which I knew pretty well – but with APM (Authorization Policy Manager) which I was less familiar with) and I had four questions on which business sub-processes are within each product family.

Of course, the questions given are most likely selected from a large bank so others taking the exam may see other questions instead.