Excited to join Inoapps

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Last week I published a retrospective post looking back over 7 years at my previous employer. This week it’s a forward looking post as I have now started my next role – HCM Practice Director at Inoapps.

Why do I think the future looks bright here? A few reasons …

(1) Inoapps are genuinely growing

Every prospective employer will tell you they’re looking to expand, but in the last 12 months – despite the pandemic – Inoapps have increased their headcount substantially. There is a real hunger for growth here, across all the countries we operate in – the UK, the US, Malaysia and India.

(2) Customers and Staff keep coming back

Inoapps have a lot of repeat work from customers (always a positive signal) and our first ever customer is still with us now. Also, despite only meeting a fraction of the employee base so far, I’ve already encountered 3 boomerang people – who left Inoapps but then decided to come back (I’m reading this as a good sign also).

(3) Exciting Cloud HCM Projects and Pipeline

Inoapps have real strength in the Energy, Public Sector, Engineering & Construction and Higher Education sectors – and they have active implementations in each. I won’t mention client names, however it includes one of the World’s top 20 Universities and a customer where even The Queen gets a user account.

If you know your shifts from your schedules, your benefits from your balances and your calc cards from your cost centres, please check out our openings:
Inoapps Career Site
(yes, this is ORC – we run our business on Oracle Cloud and you should too)