And it’s goodbye from him …

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I’m joining the Great Resignation/the big quit/the turnover tsunami. Yes, it’s another one of those “I’m leaving” posts.

I’ve been at Cedar – and Version 1 post-acquisition – just over 7 years and I’ve enjoyed every minute of the journey. My goal on joining was to grow an Oracle Cloud HCM practice, and – together with some great colleagues – this has definitely been achieved.

We’ve won and delivered to some great clients – 5 full implementations (some across multiple phases) and covering a real range of situations – UK only/global, HCM only/multi-pillar, private sector/public sector, and some multi-year, whilst another was live in just 3 months.

We’ve also hired/cross-trained some great people across the spectrum of experience. It’s been wonderful to watch you grow both personally and professionally, and take on key roles as the practice has expanded.

We’ve worked hard to give the clients what they needed (not always what they thought they wanted though!) and we’ve had a lot of giggles along the way. All the teams I’ve been part of have adapted to remote delivery smoothly and I’m convinced – for one client in particular – we were able to work even more efficiently that way.

My highlight of this time, however, has always been the people. I’m not going to name individuals, but I’ve had the privilege to work with some great friends during this time and I hope you know the high regard and affection I hold for each of you. I look forward to hearing what you go on and achieve.

Thank you, all.