Weird Logon Redirect Issue

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We hit a perplexing issue over the Christmas break at one of our clients. They had a user who could not log in and was getting a redirect issue that we’d not encountered before.

We checked it out, made sure his roles were valid etc and found:

  • all other users could log in without any problems
  • this one account was not working via Single sign-on
  • after resetting his Oracle password and trying that method it failed with the same issue
  • clearing cache/cookies/changing browsers/laptops made no difference

MS Edge said:

Hmm, we can’t reach this page

(but the URL was valid and worked for everyone else)

Chrome said:

This page isn’t working

Firefox said:

The page isn’t redirecting properly

It was this last message that got us thinking, as before timing out it did seem to go into a redirect loop.


We couldn’t see any other issue so raised an SR with Oracle. After a bit of backwards-and-forwards, recording Fiddler traces etc they provided the answer. The user account had been manually created – I guess by someone copying-and-pasting – and there was a space on the end of the username.