UKOUG Apps Transformation Day (aka Fusion SIG)

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I had the privilege of attending the UKOUG Apps Transformation day at the CBI Centre in London yesterday. I nearly missed it as the title initially didn’t grab my attention, but a friend pointed out that it was exclusively Fusion content and that was enough for me!

There were 120 people registered, however it looked like the numbers present were a lot short of that. The venue could have taken a lot more than 120 though. I wonder if the audience would have been bigger if it was more obvious that this was about Fusion?

So what did I learn?

The first session was on the Lavendon Fusion implementation. They’re a motorised platform rental company with 1,600 employees distributed across the UK, Germany, France, Belgium and the Middle East. They taken quite a few modules, and are live with Core HCM already with various other modules going live throughout the year (Perform, Talent, Compensation plus Taleo’s Recruit and Learn modules).

They seem really taken with Fusion Tap, and are really looking forward to the release 8 upgrade (which is imminent for them) as it brings Fusion and Taleo closer together (single signon etc) and delivers a stack of new functionality.

I also enjoyed a session from Richard Bingham of the Fusion Developer Relations team (and whose content features regularly in the Fusion Weekly). He gave some great insight in customising the UI for both the Professional UI and the Simplified UI (Fuse).