Oracle Cloud Weekly returns

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I’ve been sending out the ‘Oracle Cloud Weekly’, the free weekly newsletter on all things related to Oracle’s Cloud apps each week – on and off – since October 2012. (If you want a look at issue #1 it can be found here)

For the last year or so it’s been more off than on as I’ve needed to focus on multiple clients at work. Now I’m back down to just one full-time role I can return to the Oracle Cloud Weekly with a bit more energy and start cranking out the issues again.

If you’ve not come across the OCW before it’s a short email once a week combining all the news and blog posts on the Cloud Apps, plus a bit of PaaS, wider industry news and the odd fun item.

As a sample, last week’s issue can be found here.

If you want to be kept informed without having to trawl the internet, just go here to sign up.

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thanks, Duncan