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A couple of months ago Oracle announced they’d be releasing a Project Management certification alongside the wealth of technical and functional certifications already available. This caught my eye as having a certified PM is now a requirement for any of the new Cloud Service track Expertises. For example, for a partner to achieve the Oracle HCM Global Human Resources Cloud expertise as a minimum you’d need:

  • 2x Implementation Specialists
  • 1x Cloud Solution Architect
  • 1x Support Specialist
  • 1x Project Manager
  • plus customer satisfaction surveys etc.

There are a number of options to satisfy the ‘certified Project Manager’ requirement (Prince 2, PMP, Scrum Master etc) however Oracle’s new Cloud Project Management Practitioner certification is also an option so I thought I’d give it a go.

The course content is available to consume in a number of ways. The best is obviously the live sessions, however I struggled to attend these as they’re during the working day. Thankfully the content is available to review at your leisure – both session recordings and the content PDFs – so it’s not difficult to catch-up when you have the time.

Once you’ve absorbed all the material it’s then time to give the exam a go. It’s not an easy one either. The content obviously covers Project Management fundamentals – with a slant towards the Cloud – which is what you’d expect. I enjoyed the sections on the Cloud Delivery Framework and the High Impact Cloud Knowledge Areas (HICKAs).

What caught me out is that the content is across all of Oracle’s Cloud offerings – so while I was perfectly happy answering topics around implementing Oracle’s SaaS offerings, and some of the PaaS offerings around OIC and OAC – the IaaS, MicroServices and DevOps topics were completely alien to me.

I therefore had a bit of learning to do, e.g.

  • What are the scoping considerations when lifting and shifting Seibel CRM to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?
  • What is a collection of tags/branches Git and Maven repositories?
  • Is a key consideration of a move and improve project to OCI whether the application is certified for ADW?

Once I’d learnt enough to differentiate CI/CD from CASB and MV2ADB from Maven I was all set to give it a go. The test itself is a bit of a monster – 90 questions from a bank of about 300 – so it takes a while and you’ll get a totally different set each time.

I just missed out on my first attempt (60%, when the pass mark is 70%) however after taking a few days to revise my weak areas I gave it another attempt and happily passed. I now have a new badge:

Thanks to Sarkis Kerkezian and team for the great initiative.