Our Most Useful Implementation Report

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Every implementation team will have a mini arsenal of reports and dashboards they use to make common tasks a little less routine. Many will be variations on the same theme, however others will vary. I thought I’d share the one I use the most.

Problem Statement

Security Console allows you to compare the contents of two roles with a number of filters. It does not, however, allow you to compare two users. I often find myself in a situation where one user can see a tile or access some data that another cannot. How do you quickly troubleshoot this? Look at one user in Security Console, screenshot their roles, then look at the other user and spot the difference? That’s not particularly effective.

Our Solution

Our solution – and there may be others – is a quick dashboard. At the top are two prompts, one for each user that you are comparing. When you hit ‘Apply’ three columns refresh –

  1. Roles only the first user has
  2. Roles on the second user has
  3. Roles both users have

It allows you to see the differences in seconds, and you can copy/paste the results straight off the screen or download to Excel.

If you make it easily available from the Springboard then accessing it is super-easy:

The sharp eyed may notice that these are BIP reports and wonder why I’m not using the new Security Subject Area in OTBI. The reason is that I wanted Role Name, not Role Code. The former is harder to get from OTBI.