Oracle Partner PaaS Workshop (day 2 – part 2) – Chatbots!

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Last week I attended a two-day PaaS workshop run by Oracle for its partners. We’ve been doing SaaS for a while – that is the applications such as HCM and ERP that users access in order to perform their daily tasks – however there is another stable of applications called Platform as a Service (PaaS) which either add functionality to the SaaS apps or help ‘glue them together’. These applications were the focus of this workshop – and very interesting it was too. Here’s what I learnt on day 2:

Oracle IBCS (Intelligent Bot Cloud Service)


Yes! We wrote our own Chat-bots! This was a surprise session as it wasn’t on the agenda leading up to the event, but it was great fun to try. Some of the config was already done for us, but we were able to change the setup so that we amended the conversation flow and the chatbot responded differently to our prompts.

In this picture you can see that we used our bot to query ERP Cloud for information on a Purchase Order.

Learn more about it here.