ScreenToGif – a Really Handy Tool

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NewLogoI found a great new tool earlier today that I thought I’d share with you all. It’s an Open Source project called ScreenToGif. Looking at the project page it looks like it has a healthy team of developers and activity, so I think it’s going to become quite a popular little tool.

I’ve been looking for something that records a section of your screen and saves it as an animated Gif for a while. There are some alternatives out there, but they’re cumbersome or lacking somehow. This is a really straightforward, yet powerful tool that does exactly what I need.

Why do I need an Animated Gif recording tool?

It’s really useful to be able to share short, quick videos of a particular item. There may be a bug that you’re trying to document, a business process that you’re trying to communicate, a slow area of the system that you want to record evidence of, or even something flashy that you want to insert into a slide deck. In these situations a word doc full of screenshots is a poor substitute for a video. Video files tend to be too large though, so animated Gifs hit the sweet spot.

What have you used it for?

Earlier today I wanted to demonstrate something on a support ticket. There is a 1mb upper limit on attachments so a video or word doc full of screenshots would be too big. I opened the tool, dragged the frame to the right size, hit record and then demonstrated the activity. Once I was done I clicked stop, then save as Gif. Quick and easy!

How can I get it?

It’s Open Source so anyone is able to download and install it. Visit the ScreenToGif website for more details.