What’s coming in Taleo 14B

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The release notes are out, and the other night I attended a webinar showing the highlights of the Taleo Enterprise Edition 14B release (provisionally due on November 24th). It was a really worthwhile hour and the presenter – who I believe was Fabrice De Carne – was very engaging. Here’s what caught my eye:

Talent Acquisition:

Evaluation Management

  • The ability to mark some questions as requiring responses (shown with a star) to ensure that you don’t receive empty questionnaires

uploadA star signifying a question that requires a response.

  • Reviewer recommendation configurability (instead of “recommend” or “do not recommend” you can add a comment field for reviewers to explain their decisions with fuller answers, or just have the comment field)
  • Expired request management (if the hiring manager misses the deadline to review the applicants the requests can be resent to ensure that their feedback is gathered)

Mobile Experience

  • New User Experience in the TAP Mobile App

upload(click for bigger)

  • TAP Composer (allowing you to create tailored content within TAP, displaying UDFs within TAP, customise strings and labels etc)
  • Enhanced Candidate Compare (side-by-side comparison of candidates on pre-screening questions or competencies)

upload(click for bigger)

  • Worklist parity for Android & iPhone


(click for bigger)

Candidate Experience

  • Submission medium enhancements means that the system tracks which medium was used to apply for the role. This gives a better understanding of where the best candidates are coming from and also allows auto-progression rules for some candidates (i.e. internal candidates may not need to traverse as many stages in the application process)
  • Import file from Indeed (Indeed has been added to the CV upload page – LinkedIn already exists). This should lead to faster applications and fewer drop-outs where candidates have an Indeed profile.
  • Branding File Extension (The branding files have been split into separate pieces – one for html and one for javascript. This means that if it’s only the html that has been updated it doesn’t need to go through Oracle validation – saving both time and money.)
  • Cross-language Profile pre-population (previous applications in other languages can be used, before 14B the new application would need to be recreated from scratch)

Taleo Social Sourcing

  • TEE Integration (job feed, rerouting apply flow, runs using APIs now rather than scraping the screens)
  • Language improvements (allows you to post requisitions in multiple languages)
  • Internal Mobility (gives control over which requisitions are visible to certain populations, eg. some jobs may be external only. It also enables some details (eg. the name or contact details of the hiring manager name) to be hidden for some populations)


Showing/hiding selective information

  • Multi-brand site and email customisations (manage multiple TSS sites from within one instance)
  • Custom landing pages (create landing pages for certain locations or custom audiences)
  • Widgetization (add small parts of TSS to corporate site, intranet etc allowing you to recruit from multiple places and drive traffic back to TSS)

Performance Management:

  • Support for mid-year reviews
  • Talent Profile multi-language support (requested most often by EMEA customers)
  • Ditto for reporting as BI Publisher brings multi-language support
  • Outbound emails have a setting for email privacy/sensitivity at the notification level

Business Intelligence

  • Taleo is moving away from Business Objects and it’s time to embrace OBI EE and BI Publisher (the end of 2015 is end of mainstream support for Business Objects, so there’ll be no more updates or patches)
  • BI Publisher is now integrated with Recruiting (it has only been in Performance Management previously)
  • Administrative reporting (on foundational data like Smart Org)


  • Export job submission statuses
  • Export candidate search logs

The final note is that Oracle are properly moving the releases to a bi-annual update cycle next year (this year has 3 releases, 13C, 14A and 14B). 15A is expected to be due on 27th April 2015 and 15B on 19th October 2015.