Fusion Apps need a new logo

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I’ve watched some Fusion presentations and webinars over the last month or two, and a couple of things have struck me.

1) This – if you just glance at it quickly – looks like it reads ‘Oracle confusion’

Not a good message to be sending out.

2) The Fusion Apps logo is really dull:

It’s just words.

Sure, some of the competition isn’t much better. The Workday one just seems a poor copy of the Amazon one. At least the arch in Amazon has meaning (i.e. going from A to Z)

I’m not sure what the arch in Workday signifies, is it sunrise or sunset? Or does the ‘O to A’ mean something that I haven’t cottoned on to yet?

At least it’s a friendly logo though.

It doesn’t need to say Oracle in it, we all know that Fusion is an Oracle product. Make it red if you want to keep the corporate branding involved. Just spend a few thousand letting your designers riff on the words ‘Fusion Apps’ (or maybe just Fusion) and see if they come up with something more likeable.