Fusion timeframe questioned again

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I drew a little criticism a year ago when I posted a link to a site which questioned whether Fusion would go on general release in 2008.  Again, I’m not basing this on anything other than quotes from OpenWorld (and I wasn’t present so I have to take it in good faith that these quotes are legitimate), but it really does seem the case that it’s going to be 2009 at the absolute earliest.

There’s an article on NetworkWorld titled ‘Oracle’s Fusion app suite may not ship until 2010‘.  Now I can’t see any quote specifying 2010, but reading between the lines it sounds a lot more likely than the 2008 we were reassured it was going to be.

Interestingly, the quotes apparently come from Steve Miranda (SVP Fusion Apps Development).

“We’re going to be with early customers at the end of next year, and we’re going to be very, very cautious on the [general availability date],”

As they’ve mentioned an incremental release pattern, if the early customers are to get it at the end of 2009, surely that means the rest of us are looking at sometime in 2010?


One thought on “Fusion timeframe questioned again

    Roy said:
    October 7, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    In the systems world 2010 is a long time from now indeed. Many times in my long PeopleSoft career I have learned new technologies. However, I wonder now if it is really worth it to learn the technical platform upon which Oracle Fusion applications will be based. Oracle will be introducing many new technologies in PeopleTools 8.5 that will require a steep learning curve on the part of the existing customer base. My efforts in the near term will be to learn PeopleTools 8.5 and the 9.1 application suite. I am concerned though that the PeopleSoft realm will stop attracting younger workers. Pretty soon no one under the age of 35 will be engaged in PeopleSoft development and, in the not to distant future, more experienced workers will increasingly be lost to retirement.

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